Documents, required for admission to Bulgarian universities:

  1. An application form, containing personal information and details of the universities and the subjects or courses the candidate is applying for.
  2. A copy of the certificates issued by the respective secondary education or university authorities, containing details of all the subjects or courses studied, concerning students applying for the full course of study (Bachelor, Master degrees).
  3. A document, issued by an authorized institution certifying that the candidate is eligible for education at universities in the country where the respective secondary education is completed.
  4. An academic transcript is required for students applying for a partial course of study.
  5. A medical certificate issued one month prior to the application date and certified by the relevant authorities in the country where a person applies.
  6. A copy of the citizenship documents – for applicants with dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian.
  7. A copy of the passport.
  8. Bulgarian translation, validation and certification (apostille) of all documents in accordance with the provisions of international treaties of Bulgaria with the country in which they are issued, and in the absence of such – the general procedures for legalization, translation and certification of documents and other papers apply.
  9. Photos – 4
  10. Documents of persons approved by the respective university are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science to comply with the procedure for issuing long-stay visas – visa type D.

Application deadline – 1 October

Deadline for applicant’s approval – 1 November

Application requirements – the minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of the subjects of the applicant’s secondary education certificate, to comply with the minimum grade requirement for the corresponding specialty for which the person applies, may not be lower than 62% in the assessment system in the country in which the applicant has acquired secondary education.

Tuition fees

Tuition is paid after obtaining a visa type D