Terms of using the dorms

The student boarding house at the Department for Language Teaching and International Students /DLTIS/ is available to:

  1. Foreign students enrolled in courses at DLTIS.
  2. Bulgarian and foreign nationals enrolled in foreign language courses at DLTIS.
  3. Full-time students at Sofia University.
  4. Subject to availability, part-time and distance learning students may also be accommodated for the duration of their courses.
  5. Students undertaking entrance examinations may be accommodated for the duration of their preparatory courses and the actual eximanations.

Documents necessary to submit for accommodation at DLTIS dorms

Applicants who wish to rent a short or long-term accommodation on the DLTIS dorm premises must submit the following documents:

  1. Letter of verification issued by a university to certify the applicant’s status as a full-time student.
  2. Students undertaking entrance exams must show proof of paid preparatory course fees, as well as exam fees.
  3. Application, along with an attached copy of all paid fees should be submitted, as addressed to the Head of DLTIS.
  4. Two recent passport size (30×40 mm) photos are also submitted.
  5. Medical certificate endorsed by the Student Clinic in Darvenitsa / Studentski grad area.
  6. ID card or equivalent.

NOTE: In case the applicant fails to submit documents 1-6, they are not allowed to rent. Documents 1, 2 and 3 are submitted prior to accommodation and are subject to approval, whereas documents upon 4, 5 and 6 are submitted on the day of accommodation.

Term of Contract

The term of contract, regarding the use of DLTIS accommodation facility:

  1. Regarding full-time students, the term of contract is considered valid within a specified academic year as of 1 October of the current calendar year through 30 July of the following year. After the latter date, the contract is considered as terminated.
  2. Those who may wish to use the rented rooms during the holidays have to apply for at the hostel receptionist and sign a complementary agreement (annex) adhered to the major contract already expiring. The Annex is valid for the period of August and September. As of 1 October a new accommodation procedure is initiated, following the beginning of the new academic year, based upon a new application form for accommodation, submitted in advance.
  3. As for foreign students, studying at the DLTIS, the term of contract is within their academic training period until the time of passing their exams, thereafter they have to leave the dorms.
  4. As for students, doing language courses at the DLTIS, the term of contract is valid within the time that the corresponding course encompasses.
  5. The Lessor (DLTIS) is entitled unilaterally to terminate the contract.

NOTE: In case of violating any contract articles by either party, the contract can be terminated at any time.

Upon approval of the application, the accommodation procedure is carried out by the administrator on duty in room 309 on the 3rd floor in the following order:

  1. The applicant receives a deposit slip and he/she pays the monthly rental fee, the security deposit, and the admission ID card fee at the disbursement office at DLL.
  2. The applicant collects the receipts and returns to the administrator’s office where he/she fills out the necessary accommodation forms.
  3. С фактурите кандидатът се връща при администратора, където се оформят настанителните документи.
  4. The accommodation forms consist of:
    1. 2 applications for accommodation
    2. 3 copies of the contract between the lessee and DLTIS as a lessor
    3. medical certificate
    4. admission ID card
  5. The lessee receives a key to his/her room and signs a list of room inventory in the presence of the administrator on duty.

Room Check-out

Accommodation facility check-out procedure:

  1. The LESSEE checks out of the dormitory upon expiration of the term of the accommodation contract (on weekdays).
  2. In compliance with Article 22 of the general rules and regulations, upon occurrence of new circumstances, either party is entitled to change or terminate the contract. That may be effected upon a written notice, notifying either party, thereafter the lessee can leave the dorm.
  3. When leaving the dorm, the LESSEE shall in the presence of the dormitory host submit the capital inventory, as listed on the accommodation day, and then switch back to the room administrator to give back the room key. The check-out has been completed and the deposit can be recovered.

* NOTE: Failure to comply with this procedure the Lessee shall be deemed to willfully left and is charged a rental fee and interest thereon until the lessee is found, and the LESSOR informed thereof. Outstanding payments may be sought in court as the limitation period is 3 (three) years.
** NOTE: In case of wilful leaving and luggage left in the room, the LESSOR shall dispose of it at their discretion.